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Appall Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Appall, Sentence example of Appall

অর্থঃ ভীত করা; ধমক দেত্তয়া; হুমকি দেত্তয়া; আতঙি্কত করা;

Synonyms of Appall

floor, jolt, shake up, shock

Use of Appall in a Sentence

  • We were appalled by his behavior.
  • dismayed at the size of the job
  • I am appalled by your behavior
  • was horrified by such wanton cruelty
  • a cliff that would daunt the most intrepid climber
  • The thought of war appalls me.
  • It appalls me to think of the way those children have been treated.

First use of Appall

The first known use of appall was in the 14th century

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