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Apoplectic Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Apoplectic, Sentence example of Apoplectic

অর্থঃ বিবশ; সন্ন্যাসরোগগ্রস্ত; সন্ন্যাসরোগসংক্রান্ত; সন্ন্যাসরোগ-সংক্রান্ত; সন্ন্যাসরোগাক্রান্ত; আরক্তবদন; বদরাগী;

Synonyms of Apoplectic

angered, angry, ballistic, cheesed off [chiefly British], choleric, enraged, foaming, fuming, furious, hopping, horn-mad, hot, incensed, indignant, inflamed (also enflamed), infuriate, infuriated, irate, ireful, livid, mad, outraged, rabid, rankled, riled, riley, roiled, shirty [chiefly British], sore, steamed up, steaming, teed off, ticked, wrathful, wroth

Use of Apoplectic in a Sentence

  • an apoplectic rage
  • was apoplectic over the news
  • She was positively apoplectic with anger when she realized she had been cheated.
  • the coach was so apoplectic when the player missed the free throw that he threw his clipboard onto the court
  • an apoplectic rage
  • was apoplectic over the news

First use of Apoplectic

The first known use of apoplectic was in 1611

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