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Among Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Among, Sentence example of Among

অর্থঃ অনেকের বা বহুর মধ্যে

Synonyms of Among

amid (or amidst), mid, midst, through

Use of Among in a Sentence

  • hidden among the trees
  • living among artists
  • discontent among the poor
  • wittiest among poets
  • divided among the heirs
  • quarreling among themselves
  • made a fortune among themselves
  • economic cooperation between nations
  • between you and me and the lamppost
  • discontent among the peasants
  • The disease spread quickly among the members of the community.
  • The house is nestled among the trees.
  • The ball was hidden among the leaves.
  • There were ducks among the geese.
  • There were several hecklers scattered among the crowd.
  • He lived among artists and writers.
  • The people of the town were frightened to think that a killer might be living among them.
  • My ball landed among the trees.
  • You’re among friends.
  • There is discontent amongst voters.
  • The candy was divided among the friends.
  • among the best

First use of Among

The first known use of among was before the 12th century

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