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Amenable Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Amenable, Sentence example of Amenable

অর্থঃ শাসনযোগ্য

Synonyms of Amenable

disposed, fain, game, glad, inclined, minded, ready, willing

Use of Amenable in a Sentence

  • citizens amenable to the law
  • The data is amenable to analysis.
  • a government not amenable to change
  • was amenable to spending more time at home
  • the bureau responsible for revenue collection
  • an intelligence agency answerable to Congress
  • elected officials are accountable to the voters
  • laws are amenable to judicial review
  • not liable for the debts of the former spouse
  • obedient to the government
  • a docile child
  • tractable animals
  • amenable to new ideas
  • whatever you decide to do, I’m amenable—just let me know
  • our normally balky cat becomes the most amenable of creatures when confronted with the strange environment of the veterinary clinic
  • The builders were amenable to our wishes.
  • the corporation is not amenable to suit in New York
  • an adult is not amenable to a juvenile treatment program

First use of Amenable

The first known use of amenable was circa 1599

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