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Ambiguous Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Ambiguous, Sentence example of Ambiguous

অর্থঃ দ্ব্যর্থক

Synonyms of Ambiguous

arcane, cryptic, dark, deep, Delphic, double-edged, elliptical (or elliptic), enigmatic (also enigmatical), equivocal, fuliginous, inscrutable, murky, mysterious, mystic, nebulous, obscure, occult, opaque

Use of Ambiguous in a Sentence

  • eyes of an ambiguous color
  • an ambiguous smile
  • obscure poems
  • muttered dark hints of revenge
  • a vague sense of obligation
  • enigmatic occult writings
  • cryptic hints of hidden treasure
  • an ambiguous directive
  • moral precepts with equivocal phrasing
  • We were confused by the ambiguous wording of the message.
  • He looked at her with an ambiguous smile.
  • Due to the ambiguous nature of the question, it was difficult to choose the right answer.
  • the ambiguous position of women in modern society
  • an ambiguous explanation
  • answered ambiguously

First use of Ambiguous

The first known use of ambiguous was in 1528

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