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Alternative Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Alternative, Sentence example of Alternative

অর্থঃ বৈকল্পিক, বিকল্প স্বরুপ

Synonyms of Alternative

choice, discretion, druthers [dialect], election, liberty, option, pick, preference, selection, volition, way

Use of Alternative in a Sentence

  • several alternative plans
  • an alternative newspaper
  • an alternative band
  • alternative country
  • alternative therapies
  • a government facing the alternative of high taxes or poor highways
  • the alternative of going by train or by plane
  • The menu offered several vegetarian alternatives.
  • The only alternative to intervention.
  • a fan of alternative
  • freedom of choice
  • the option of paying now or later
  • equally attractive alternatives
  • a preference for cool weather
  • a varied selection of furniture
  • doing a tax return forces certain elections on you
  • Scientists are developing an alternative approach to treating the disease.
  • He developed an alternative design for the new engine.
  • We decided to leave since our only other alternative was to wait in the rain.
  • I was offered no alternative.
  • The menu offered several vegetarian alternatives.
  • alternative plans
  • I’ll drive or, alternatively, we could walk.
  • We had to move. There was no alternative.
  • As it got dark, our best alternative was to find shelter.
  • alternative therapies
  • an alternative contract
  • alternative sentencing
  • asked for specific performance, or in the alternative, damages of $20,000

First use of Alternative

The first known use of alternative was in 1540

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