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Alternate Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Alternate, Sentence example of Alternate

অর্থঃ একান্তর

Synonyms of Alternate

No Synonyms found!

Use of Alternate in a Sentence

  • a day of alternate sunshine and rain
  • a plant with alternate leaves
  • alternate layers of brick and stone
  • He works on alternate days.
  • took the alternate route home
  • did not approve of their son’s alternate lifestyle
  • alternated comedies and dramas
  • Rain alternated with sun.
  • They chose twelve jurors and two alternates.
  • Alternate shades of wood formed a pattern around the window.
  • We took an alternate route because of the traffic.
  • Due to an emergency, the plane landed at an alternate airport.
  • The poem alternates fear and hope.
  • The light and dark woods alternate to form an elegant pattern around the window.
  • The town has elected five councilors and two alternates.
  • alternate sunshine and rain
  • alternate layers of cake and filling
  • We meet on alternate days.
  • I alternate running and lifting weights.
  • alternate juror
  • twelve jurors and three alternates

First use of Alternate

The first known use of alternate was circa 1535

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