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Along Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Along, Sentence example of Along

অর্থঃ কেবল, একাকী,নিঃসঙ্গ

Synonyms of Along

ahead, forth, forward, forwards, on, onward (also onwards)

Use of Along in a Sentence

  • walking along the road
  • a house along the river
  • made stops along the way
  • a new agreement along the lines of the first
  • move along
  • word was passed along
  • brought his wife along
  • walked to school along with her friends
  • work along with colleagues
  • along about July 17
  • plans are far along
  • a bill came along with the package
  • brought an extra one along
  • tell him I’ll be along to see him
  • We walked along the beach.
  • The chairs were lined up along the wall.
  • The ship sailed along the coast.
  • We drove to Boston and we stopped along the way for lunch.
  • We walked along beside the road.
  • I was just walking along, minding my own business.
  • The police told the people in the crowd to move along.
  • We looked at the houses as we drove along.
  • Plans for a new stadium are already pretty far along.
  • Walk along the trail.
  • He stopped along the way.
  • Move along.
  • I brought a friend along.
  • The project is pretty well along.
  • I knew it was you all along.

First use of Along

The first known use of along was before the 12th century

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