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All Bengali meaning, Synonyms of All, Sentence example of All

অর্থঃ মোটের উপর; সব, সকল

Synonyms of All

concentrated, entire, exclusive, focused (also focussed), undivided, whole

Use of All in a Sentence

  • needed all the courage they had
  • spoke in all seriousness
  • all men will go
  • all the angles of a triangle are equal to two right angles
  • all manner of hardship
  • beyond all doubt
  • all work and no play
  • became all attention
  • all legs
  • all ears
  • I don’t know who all is coming.
  • all the home I ever had
  • sat all alone
  • all out of proportion
  • all-league halfback
  • all the better for it
  • the score is two all
  • all that I have
  • gave equal attention to all
  • all in all, things might have been worse
  • gave his all for the cause
  • read the whole book
  • the entire population was wiped out
  • the total number of people present
  • all proceeds go to charity
  • I’ve been waiting all week to see her.
  • He had to walk all the way home.
  • She works all year round.
  • He’ll need all the help he can get.
  • Someone took all the candy.
  • She has traveled all around the world.
  • This money will be all yours when I die.
  • She had buttons all down the side of her dress.
  • I forgot all about paying the bill.
  • The kids got all excited when they saw Santa Claus.
  • All students can go.
  • He sat up all night.
  • after all these years
  • beyond all doubt
  • Her story was told in all seriousness.
  • He sat all alone.
  • He is all the better for being put in another class.
  • The child was all excited.
  • The score is two all.
  • I ate all of the candy.
  • All is lost.
  • All I know is I’m done.

First use of All

The first known use of all was before the 12th century

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