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Alive Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Alive, Sentence example of Alive

অর্থঃ জীবন্ত; জীবিত;চটপটে; কর্মচঞ্চলসচেতন; সজ্ঞান;জীবন্ত জিনিসে পূর্ণ;চালু; বিদ্যমান;

Synonyms of Alive

animate, breathing, live, living, quick

Use of Alive in a Sentence

  • kept hope alive
  • must win to stay alive in the playoffs
  • alive to the danger
  • his face came alive at the mention of food
  • streets alive with traffic
  • the proudest boy alive
  • aware of changes in climate
  • not fully cognizant of the facts
  • conscious that my heart was pounding
  • sensible of a teacher’s influence
  • alive to the thrill of danger
  • a country always awake to the threat of invasion
  • It feels great to be alive.
  • The patient was barely alive.
  • The sheriff was ordered to find the killer and bring him back alive.
  • He managed to stay alive for a week without any food.
  • The patient is being kept alive by artificial means.
  • an old tradition that is still alive
  • We need to keep hope alive.
  • The team needs to win tonight in order to stay alive in the play-offs.
  • I love to sail because it makes me feel so alive.
  • The thought kept our hopes alive.
  • He was alive to the danger.

First use of Alive

The first known use of alive was in the 13th century

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