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অর্থঃ সতর্কতা;

Synonyms of Alertness

Argus-eyed, attentive, awake, observant, open-eyed, tenty (also tentie) [Scottish], vigilant, watchful, wide-awake

Use of Alertness in a Sentence

  • an alert guard
  • mentally alert
  • elicited an alert response
  • on 24-hour alert
  • traffic alerts
  • Drivers need to be on the alert for icy condition.
  • alerted the school board of a possible teachers’ strike
  • alerted the public to the dangers of pesticides
  • the watchful eye of the department supervisor
  • eternally vigilant in the safeguarding of democracy
  • wide-awake companies latched onto the new technology
  • alert traders anticipated the stock market’s slide
  • an intelligent person could assemble it fast
  • clever with words
  • alert to new technology
  • no match for his quick-witted opponent
  • An alert guard stopped the robbers.
  • He was tired and had trouble staying alert while he was driving.
  • She wasn’t mentally alert enough to answer the questions.
  • An alert watchdog guarded the door.
  • They sounded an alert when enemy planes were approaching the city.
  • Medical officials have put out an alert to hospitals to look out for the virus.
  • The government has issued a terrorism alert.
  • Several neighbors alerted the authorities when they noticed strangers acting suspiciously.
  • The governor alerted island residents that a hurricane was coming.
  • The teacher alerted the students that tests would be given the next day.
  • An alert reader noticed the error in grammar.
  • The prairie dog sat alertly beside the opening of its burrow.
  • The police issued an alert.
  • We stayed indoors during the alert.
  • The siren alerted us that a tornado was approaching.

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