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অর্থঃ মদ্যপ; ; /adjective/মত্ততাদায়ক; সুরাসার-ঘটিত; সুরাসার-সদৃশ;

Synonyms of Alcoholic

alkie (or alky) [slang], boozehound, boozer, dipsomaniac, drinker, drunk, drunkard, inebriate, juicehead [slang], juicer [slang], lush, rummy, soak, soaker, sot, souse, tippler, toper, tosspot

Use of Alcoholic in a Sentence

  • an alcoholic odor
  • an alcoholic beverage
  • a slightly more alcoholic wine
  • She has an alcoholic uncle.
  • Her uncle is an alcoholic.
  • one can be a social drinker without turning into an alcoholic
  • alcoholic drinks
  • alcoholic hepatitis

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