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অর্থঃ সদৃশ; একজাতীয়; সগোত্র; সগোত্র; একই বংশোদ্ভূত; রক্তের সম্পর্কযুক্ত; সমগোত্রীয়; জ্ঞাতিসম্বন্ধযুক্ত;

Synonyms of Akin

affiliated, allied, kindred, related

Use of Akin in a Sentence

  • The dog and fox are closely akin.
  • His interests are akin to mine.
  • The two languages are closely akin.
  • foxes are closely akin to dogs
  • They discovered that they were akin—cousins, in fact.
  • Your hobbies are akin to mine.

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