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অর্থঃ খচিত; অলঙ্কৃত; সুশোভিত; উপশোভিত; সুশোভন;
SYNONYM: decorated|beaded (similar term)|beady (similar term)|bejeweled (similar term)|bejewelled (similar term)|bespangled (similar term)|gemmed (similar term)|jeweled (similar term)|jewelled (similar term)|sequined (similar term)|spangled (similar term)|spangly (similar term)|bedaubed (similar term)|bespectacled (similar term)|monocled (similar term)|spectacled (similar term)|braided (similar term)|brocaded (similar term)|embossed (similar term)|raised (similar term)|buttony (similar term)|carbuncled (similar term)|champleve (similar term)|cloisonne (similar term)|enameled (similar term)|clinquant (similar term)|tinseled (similar term)|tinselly (similar term)|crested (similar term)|plumed (similar term)|crested (similar term)|topknotted (similar term)|tufted (similar term)|crested (similar term)|crocketed (similar term)|embellished (similar term)|ornamented (similar term)|ornate (similar term)|embroidered (similar term)|encircled (similar term)|ringed (similar term)|wreathed (similar term)|fancied up (similar term)|gussied (similar term)|gussied up (similar term)|tricked out (similar term)|feathery (similar term)|feathered (similar term)|plumy (similar term)|frilled (similar term)|frilly (similar term)|ruffled (similar term)|fringed (similar term)|gilt-edged (similar term)|hung (similar term)|inflamed (similar term)|inlaid (similar term)|inwrought (similar term)|laced (similar term)|mosaic (similar term)|tessellated (similar term)|mounted (similar term)|paneled (similar term)|wainscoted (similar term)|studded (similar term)|tapestried (similar term)|tasseled (similar term)|tasselled (similar term)|tricked-out (similar term)|tufted (similar term)|clothed (related term)|clad (related term)|fancy (related term)|unadorned (antonym)

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