A Tour You Experienced

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A Tour You Experienced
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 A Tour You Experienced

Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. It has a wealth of natural resources. The coastline of Bangladesh along the Bay of Bengal is indeed very beautiful. The sea beach in Cox’s Bazar is considered the longest sea beach on earth. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this sea beach for having a vacation. It was the month of February. The classes of our eighth year of school had just started. The students of our class decided to have an excursion to Cox’s Bazar, the famous sea beach of Bangladesh. For this, we hired a big bus. On the appointed day we started very early in the morning. It was 10 a. m. when we reached Cox’s Bazar sea beach. Many of us had never been to Cox’s Bazar before. It was a thrilling experience for us to see the sea physically from so close. Our joy knew no bounds. Some of us went down into the sea for having bath. Others kept standing on the shore. At noon we had lunch at the nearby restaurant. I have tested some Steamed fish like Tuna fish, Lobster and various kinds of vorta. All the food is very delicious. Then we passed the whole afternoon on the beach. The sun setting in the sea was a memorable sight. After the sunset, we started our return journey. It was indeed a pleasant event in my life. This pleasant memory of the excursion will remain even fresh in my mind.


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