A City Market: Paragraph

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A City Market: Paragraph

A City Market

A city market is an important place in big cities and towns. Town people buy their daily necessities in a city market. A city market is usually quite big. It is often housed in a big multi-storied building where different floors are reserved for specific items. A wide variety of things such as groceries, cosmetics, readymade garments, fish, meat, gift items, stationery, bakery items etc. are sold at specific places in a city market. In a city market shops are mainly permanent. Shopkeepers buy the possession (দখল, মালিকানা) of a shop in a city market at a high price. The monthly rent is also very high. A city market generally remains open from early morning to midnight. Some of the city markets are air-conditioned. The price of commodities in a city market is also comparatively high. There is a high gap between wholesale prices in a city market. However, a great variety of quality goods are available in a city market. Products from all over the country come to towns for better price. Such products are sold in a city market. In fine, a city market can satisfy almost all types of needs of a customer.


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