Ha-du-du: The National Game of Bangladesh

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Ha-du-du The National Game of Bangladesh
Ha-du-du The National Game of Bangladesh

 Ha-du-du: The National Game of Bangladesh


Kabadi or Ha-du-du is a pure Indian game. It is very popular in this Indian subcontinent especially in Bangladesh. It is an outdoor game. This game is commonly played in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Rural youths play this game in any open place.

Historical Background

It is assumed that kabadi was originated about four thousand years ago. In the pre-historic (প্রাগৈতিহাসিক) age man hunted strong wild animals in groups. Then people encircled a big animal and attacked. According to the historians such practice may have led to the invention of this game. At first this game was originated in South Asia, especially in the Indian subcontinent. The Indian myths as described in the stories of Mahabharat may also have some connection with this game. In Mahabharat, Avimanyu, son of Arjun, was encircled by seven soldiers in a war. He could not come out of that circle and died in fight. Many people think that the incident led to the invention of Kabadi.

Kabadi in Recent Time

Kabadi has been played in this region for thousands of years. Like other rural games, it lacked patronage and grandeur . It received the status of a recognized national game after the Kabadi Federation was established in India in 1950. Kabadi Federation of India first formulated the standard rules of playing this game. In 1973, Ameteur Kabadi Federation (AKFI) was established in India. AKFI reshuffled the rules of playing this game. Bangladesh Ameteur Kabadi Federation was established in 1973. In the previous year it was announced as the national game of Bangladesh. In 1974 Kabadi Test was held in Bangladesh with a visiting Indian team. The Indian team visited different parts of Bangladesh and played Kabadi with local teams.

In 1978 Asian Amateur Kabadi Federation was formed in Villai, India with the federations of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal. The first chairman of the organization was Sharad Power. In 1979 a Kabadi team from Bangladesh went to India for playing Kabadi tests. Matches took place in Mumbai, Panjab and Haiderabad.

The first Asian Kabadi Competition was held in 1980. In the competition India became champion and Bangladesh stood runners up. The other teams that participated in the competition were Nepal, Malaysia and Japan. In 1990 Kabadi was included in Asian Championship for the first time. Eight countries included India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Malaysia took part in the competition.

How Played

Kabadi requires a small plain ground to play. The playground is divided in equal two parts and a line is drawn in the middle. There are two teams in a game. Each team has equal number of players. Both the teams stand in lines facing each other.

One player of a team is allowed to enter the ground of the opposite party. He has to hold his breath and chant ha-du-du or du-du-du all the time while he tries to touch as many players of the opponent party as he can. He must return to his part of the playground. If he is successful in touching any player of the opposite party and returns to him own area, then the touched player or players are called dead or inactive .

On the other hand, if the player is caught within the area of the opposite party, he becomes inactive and called dead. The inactive or dead players cannot play. They wait outside the ground and wait until a player of their team can touch a player or players of the opponent party. Then the dead player regains his life and can play again. Thus the teams send forth players one after another to the area of the opposite team. The game terminates when all the players of a team become dead or disqualified and the other team becomes the winner.


Kabadi is an exciting game. In villages people encircle  the playground and watch the game with excitement. It is certainly an important entertainment for them.

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