Essay on “Jute – The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh”

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Dear students, today I’ll present an essay about “Jute – The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh”. From this essay, we will learn What is Jute, where and how it has grown, the harvesting process of Jute, Usefulness of Jute. This essay will help the students of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SSC & HSC.

Essay or Composition about Jute - The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh

Essay or Composition about “Jute – The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh”

Jute is a kind of fiber. It is obtained from the bark of jute plants. In fact, jute grows in a large quantity in Bangladesh. It is golden in color. It is the most important asset of our country. Jute is mainly grown in Bangladesh. It also grows in West Bengal, India, Thailand, China and the Philippines. But Bangladesh grows the best jute. 

The districts of Mymensingh, Cumilla, Noakhali, Rangpur, Faridpur, Dhaka and Pabna are famous for jute cultivation. 

Jute grows well in a moist climate, low land and wet soil. At first, cultivators plough the land in the month of April or May. Then the seeds are sown. At that time rain falls now and then. Cultivators manure the lands. Plants come out in a few days. When they grow up to one foot or so, the fields are weeded. Jute plants grow by leaps and bounds with the advent of rainfall. If there is no rain, there is no water; so the plants can not grow well. After about three or four months, the plants grow about ten or twelve feet high. The crop is reaped in the month of July or August. Cultivators then bind the stalk into bundles. The bundles are kept underwater to be rotten for some days. The fibers gradually become soft and loose. Then the fibers are taken out and washed in clean water and dried in the sun. The fibers look golden at this stage. These are tied up into bundles. Jute is thus made ready for sale. 

It is widely used in modern civilization. Gunny cloths, gunny bags, carpets, ropes are made of jute. Besides, these furnishings, tapestries, shopping bags, travel bags etc. are also made of jute. The stalks are used as fuel and fences. 

We need jute always in our day-to-day life. Jute is, therefore, very useful to us. It is an important source of income to the cultivators who produce it. It is our cash crop. Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting jute. 

The progress and prosperity of our country mainly depend on it. It is our national wealth too. So, it is called ‘The Golden Fibre’ of Bangladesh. Therefore, we should take care of its cultivation for the improvement of the jute industries.


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