Essay: The Life of A Garment Worker

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Essay: The Life of A Garment Worker
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The Life of A Garment Worker

Introduction: The life of garment workers is a difficult one. Garments workers, most of them female, work very hard for earning their living. In spite of their hard labour they get a very small salary. With whatever salary they get, they cannot live decently (মানানসইভাবে).

Everyday Work: A garments worker has to work long hours. When she works in the morning shift she has to go to work very early in the morning. She often starts her work half-fed or on an empty stomach. In the factory she gets some lunch at noon and then starts her work again. She has to work very attentively. Whenever she gets a little unmindful (অমনোযোগী), she is severely (কঠোরভাবে) chastised (শাসন করা হয়) by the supervisor. She gets no rest during the work. Her female colleagues are in good terms (সুসম্পর্ক) with him but Sometimes she is harassed (হয়রানী করা হয়) by her male colleagues. In excess of her regular hour, she has to work some extra hours. 

When she works in the night shift, she has to work the whole night. Her fragile (দুর্বল) body cannot tolerate (সহ্য করা) such terrible labour. In spite of that, she has to keep working. Often fatigue (অবসন্নতা) engulfs (গ্রাস করা) her and when her body can take it no more, she swoons (বেহুঁশ হওয়া). Then her colleagues sprinkle (ছিটিয়ে দেয়া) some water on her face, and after some rest, she again works till the end of her shift. Sometimes, she falls ill but she cannot stop. She has to finish her stint (কাজের নির্দিষ্ট অংশ, সময়কাল). On her way home, she often buys groceries, vegetables and other necessary items. After returning home she feels extremely tired, but she has to prepare food for herself and other family members. Then she can get sleep for some inadequate (অপর্যাপ্ত) hours before getting up for the next day’s work.

Salary: In spite of such laborious work, she seldom (কদাচিৎ) gets her salary in time. Sometimes, she does not get salary for two or three consecutive months. Then she has to borrow money from her friends and family members. She cannot pay the grocer or the landlord in time. At times, the landlord evicts (উচ্ছেদ) her for not paying the rent for some months.

Housing: A garments worker cannot afford to live in a decent house. She lives in a slum (বস্তি) or shares a shabby (ভাঙাচোরা) room with some of her colleagues. Even the rent of such a low quality house sometimes seems a big matter to her.

Dream: A garment worker also dreams of a happy family with children and a loving husband, but there is a high possibility that her husband will get drunk every night and will beat her up for money. There is a little chance that she will be able to send her children to school.

Conclusion: On a whole, the life of a garment worker is a miserable (দুর্দশাগ্রস্থ) one. So, the government should ensure that the factory owners treat the garment workers well and pay them adequately.


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