Is it Possible to Gain Weight By Exercising?

Most people go to the gym, exercise to lose weight. Is it possible to gain weight by going there?

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Most of the people hope to lose extra weight before marriage and become slimmer. But for those who are very thin, the situation is reversed. Their hope is to gain some weight before marriage. No matter how many calories they eat, they don’t gain weight. Before marriage, especially men get frustrated with this. Many advise to eat nutritious food, go to the gym and exercise. But people usually go to the gym to lose weight. Is it possible to gain weight by exercising there?

According to trainers, not everyone has the same metabolic rate, so the same rules do not apply to everyone. Apart from eating nutritious food, you can also gain weight by doing certain exercises in the gym. Know which exercises can increase weight.

1) Squats
There is no substitute for this exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower body from the waist to the hamstrings of the legs. Many people tend to achieve their goals in less time. So want to practice lifting weights directly. But neither gaining nor losing weight is possible without patience. So before lifting weights, practice this exercise for at least 3 sets of 5 times per day. The time can be increased as the body gets used to this exercise.

2) Deadlift

As the body begins to get used to some simple exercise, lifting weights can be used to increase weight. This exercise is very effective in strengthening all the muscles of the body including shoulders, waist, abdomen, legs. But at first one should not lift too much weight. Deadlifts can be started with very light weights in both hands. The deadlift can be done three times in the beginning, then up to five times.

3) Bench press

Trainers recommend this exercise to build and strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, chest and triceps. But in this case too, this exercise should be started with very little weight in both hands. To avoid injury to the back and waist, this exercise should be practiced lying on a narrow bench. Practice this exercise five times daily at least 3 sets. The time can be increased as the body gets used to this exercise.

4) Overhead press

The shapely, muscular shoulders of the new groom look good in a wedding Punjabi. But to build the shoulder muscles in such a way, it is important to practice this specific exercise. However, heavy weight cannot be lifted in the beginning. Because many people do not have much strength in shoulder and arm muscles. Therefore, there is a higher risk of muscle injury when lifting something very heavy.

5) Pull Ups

As the upper body muscles begin to feel a little tired with deadlift practice, focus on the back muscles. At first, if you can’t practice pull ups by hanging the whole body, you can put a stool under your feet. First, try to hang the whole body by holding the rod with the help of that stool. Once you get used to it, practice pull-ups without assistance for three sets of five reps.


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