Drug Addiction | Essay | Composition

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Essay or Composition about Drug Addiction/ Abuse of Drug

Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction | Essay | Composition


Addiction ( আসক্তি) to drugs or abusive use (অপব্যবহার) of drugs is a matter of concern in modern societies. This problem is acute (তীব্র) among the young people.

What is drug addiction?

Drug abuse is the excessive (মাত্রাতিরিক্ত) or addictive (আসক্তিজনক) use of drugs for non-medical (চিকিৎসা-বহির্ভূত) purposes (উদ্দেশ্যে). Abused substances include such agents as anabolic steroids, which are used by some athletes to accelerate (ত্বরান্বিত) at muscular development and increase strength and which can cause heart disease, liver damage, and other physical problems; and psychotropic agents, substances that affect the user’s mental state and are used to produce changes in mood (মানসিক অবস্থা), feeling (অনুভূতি), and perception (অনুভব ক্ষমতা). The latter category has a much longer history of abuse. This category includes opium, marijuana, ganja, heroin, hallucinogens, barbiturates, cocaine, amphetamines, tranquilizers, hashish, and alcohol.


The history of nonmedical drug consumption is ancient (প্রাচীন). The discovery of the mood-altering qualities of fermented (জারিত) fruits and substances such as opium has led to their use and, often, acceptance into society. Just as alcohol has a recognized social place in the West, so many other psychotropics have been accepted in different societies.

Forms of Drug Abuse

Drugs that either depress (দমিত করে) or stimulate (উজ্জীবিত করে) the central nervous system have long been used for nonmedical reasons. Depressants include all sedatives (তন্দ্রাআনয়নকারী) and hypnotics (সম্মোহনকারী) such as barbiturates and benzodiazepines (minor tranquilizers). These are usually taken by mouth but can be injected. The main stimulants are amphetamines or their derivatives and cocaine, a natural component of the leaves of the coca plant. Amphetamines can be taken by mouth or injected; cocaine is either injected or inhaled through the nose. One form of cocaine (freebase, or crack) is generally smoked. Other drugs that are frequently abused include cannabis (marijuana, hashish, etc., from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa), PCP, and such hallucinogens, or psychedelics, as LSD and mescaline.

Effects of Drug Abuse on Health

Drug addiction causes serious damage to different limbs of the body. Some of them are given below:

(1) Nerve System: Causes mental illness and reduces memory. 

(2) Eye: Diminishes (হ্রাস করে) eyesight gradually. 

(3) Blood Circulation: Causes anemia (রক্তস্বল্পতা) and reduces resistance (প্রতিরোধ) to diseases. 

(4) Heart: Reduces the effectiveness of heart and enlarges (ব্রিদ্ধিপ্রাপ্ত) the heart. 

(5) Liver: Jaundice, Hepatitis, Liver Cirrhosis, Cancer. (6) Digestive System: Reduces digestive power, causes ulcer, acidity and constipation (কোষ্ঠকাঠিন্য). 

(7) Kidney: Gradually damages the kidneys completely. (8) Genital Organs: Reduces sexual power, gives birth to weak and disabled (পঙ্গু) children. 

(9) Skin: Makes the skin rough (রুক্ষ), causes scabies (পাঁচড়া, itching (চুলকানি), boil (ফোড়া), and infection.


Drug abuse leads a man to dire (মারাত্মক) consequences (ফলাফল). It has many physical side effects.

(1) A man who takes drugs for intoxication (নেশা) cannot lead a normal life. He loses control over himself and the intake of drugs. As a result, he loses his dependability (নির্ভরযোগ্যতা) and cannot get engaged (জড়িত) in any responsible (দায়িত্বপূর্ণ ) job.

(2) Drugs like ganja, marihuana, and heroine are very costly. A person who gets addicted to such drugs often becomes disqualified (অযোগ্য) to get any income-generating activities. As he cannot earn his livelihood or the cost of his drugs he gets involved in theft, mugging (জোরপূর্বক টাকা আদায়), snatching (ছিনতাই), robbing (ডাকাতি) or other criminal activities.

(3) The effects of drug abuse on the family and society is not insignificant (সামান্য; ক্ষুদ্র). An addicted person is a burden to the family and society. He causes endless trouble and suffering for the members of his family. He is considered a bad element in the society and puts an evil impact (প্রভাব) on the society by committing criminal activities and destroying the peaceful environment of the society. He becomes like a devil incarnated (দেহধারী) in a human body as an intoxicated man gradually loses his good senses (অনুভূতি), conscience (বিবেক) and control over the beast in him.
(4) Drug addiction leads a man to ultimate death. Continuous intake of intoxicating drugs makes a slave to drugs out of a man. It causes terrible harm to a man’s body. His body parts like kidneys, heart, stomach etc. start shutting down gradually.
(5) Drug addiction is also harmful to the economy and the nation. Drug addiction makes people inactive and incapable (অক্ষম) of responsible work. This is a big wastage (অপচয়) of national resources. The deterioration (অবনতি) of law and order situation also casts a pall (অন্ধকার ছায়া) on the economic development of the region and the country.

Reasons for Drug Abuse

One of the main reasons for drug abuse among youths is mental pressure and turbulence put on the youths of broken families. When the parents get divorced or separated children cannot accept such things. They feel certain anger towards everything and begin to pity (করুণা করা) themselves. In most of cases they are neglected or cannot adjust to the new condition. As a result, they get frustrated (হতাশ) very easily and fall a victim to drug addiction. Some youths also become addicted to narcotics (নেশাদ্রব) due to bad company and very often such addiction starts from just a little dose out of curiosity which leads to complete submission (আত্মসমর্পণ) to addiction.

Certain habits of both or any of the parents such as excessive smoking of cigarettes and taking alcohol can also make youths attracted to taking drugs. Because when children see their parents smoking cigarettes one after another or taking liquor (মধ্যপায়ী) regularly, such habits and actions seem natural to them and they can easily become addicted to more harmful drugs.

Another reason for drug addiction, as cited by many people, is the lack of healthy social life. This is also mostly a consequence of small, self-centered families of modern times. In the course of industrialization and urbanization, traditional joint families began to break up. Families consisting of only a father, mother and children began to relocate (স্থানপরিবর্তন) themselves in urban and industrial areas in search of jobs. In such families, children usually suffer from loneliness as they do not find close relatives like grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins nearby.

Things like TV, movies, video games computer games, CD players and indoor games become the main sources of entertainment instead of outdoor games, conversation  and interactions in a family atmosphere (পরিবেশ). Such children get frustrated easily and become vulnerable (ঝুকিগ্রস্থ) to drug addiction.

The media also play a role in spreading drug addiction. When children find TV and movie stars taking drug or smoking cigarettes in movies or TV programs, they also become attracted to such drugs and get addicted.

Preventive Measures

As far as I am concerned, certain things can be done to save the youths from harmful drug abuse. First of all interaction with the youths and supervision (দেখাশুনা) over them from the families will have to be ensured. Parents have to grow friendly relationships with their children and make sure that they do not get frustrated. Parents should also check into the friends of their children so that their children do not maintain bad company.

It has also become necessary to guide the youths in watching TV and movies. The government may help the situation by strictly (কঠোরভাবে) imposing (আরোপ করা) censorship on injurious materials in movies and TV programs.


Drug addiction causes irreparable loss to one’s personal life as well as social life. So, everybody should remain alert (সতর্ক) to avoid drug addiction. Moreover, social awareness (সচেতনতা) should be created against drug abuse and addiction.

 এই রকম আরও তথ্য পেতে আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে লাইক দিয়ে যুক্ত থাকুন। এর পাশাপাশি গুগল নিউজে আমাদের ফলো করুন। 


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