Composition on “The Rainy Season in Bangladesh”

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Write an Essay or Composition about The Rainy Season in Bangladesh.


There are six seasons in Bangladesh. They are the summer, the rainy season, the autumn, the late autumn, the winter and the spring. Of the six seasons in Bangladesh, the rainy season is the most important due to its contribution to our agriculture. It is also a very beautiful season. It comes just after the summer.

Composition on "The Rainy Season in Bangladesh"


During the summer the weather remains very hot. Ponds, wells, canals and lakes dry up. Trees languish for want of water. Everything waits for the refreshing touch of the rain. Then comes the rainy season with its shower of rain like a blessing. During the rainy season, the sky often remains covered with clouds most of the time. Thunderstorms are very frequent. Due to the heavy and incessant rainfalls, wells, ponds, rivers, canals, lakes, etc. become full to the brim. Low lands go under water and look like a sea.

The usefulness of Rainy Seasons

The rainy season is very important for our agriculture. It does a lot of good to us. Farmers anxiously wait for the rain as cultivation depends on rain. Without rain the fields cannot be plowed. Much rain is necessary for growing paddy and jute. Everything becomes full of water and the scarcity of water is no longer felt.

Disadvantages of Rainy Seasons

The rainy season has its disadvantages too. Roads become muddy and slippery. Then it becomes very difficult to use the roads. Poor people living in huts also suffer a lot. They can not go out in heavy rain to work for earning their daily bread. Many diseases like cholera, dysentery and malaria also break out in this season. Heavy rainfall often causes flood. Floods wash away houses, poultry, cattle and crops and thus cause a great loss to the villagers.


The importance of the rainy season outweighs its disadvantages. It is also a very pleasant season. Watching rain while sitting beside the window can turn anybody into a romantic poet. One can pass hours watching the rain falling on green trees, fields and ponds. Such beauty is beyond description. This season is vital for the growth of vegetation. Hence, we can say that the vast greenery of Bangladesh is the bounty of the rainy season.


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