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Block English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Block English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Block, Sentence example of Block, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Block.


অর্থঃ কাট খন্ড বা পাথর খন্ড

Synonyms of Block

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Use of Block in a Sentence

  • block out a scene before the actors arrive on set
  • rain hindered the climb
  • tight clothing that impedes movement
  • the view was obstructed by billboards
  • a landslide blocked the road
  • a wall built out of concrete blocks
  • We took a walk around the block.
  • She lived on our block.
  • The store is three blocks down on the right.
  • There’s an accident blocking the road.
  • The entrance was blocked by a gate.
  • Blood clots have completely blocked one of his arteries.
  • The protesters blocked the road with parked vehicles.
  • The ambulance was blocked by cars in the road.
  • An accident was blocking traffic.
  • Could you move to the left, please. You’re blocking my light.
  • a shield that blocks the wind
  • Several senators are trying to block the passage of the bill.
  • His vote blocked the treaty.

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