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Bidder English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Bidder English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Bidder, Sentence example of Bidder, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Bidder.


অর্থঃ যে নিলামে ডাকে

Synonyms of Bidder

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Use of Bidder in a Sentence

  • a general commanding troops
  • ordered his employees about
  • she bade him be seated
  • a sign enjoining patrons to be quiet
  • directed her assistant to hold all calls
  • the judge instructed the jury to ignore the remark
  • charged by the President with a secret mission
  • I’ll bid $100 for the lamp but no higher.
  • He plans to stop bidding if the bids go over $500.
  • She bid for a desk and a chair.
  • Several local companies are bidding for the same job.
  • His company bid on the snow removal contract.
  • He bid and I passed.
  • We did as we were bid .
  • Bids for the painter’s work have been quite high at recent auctions.
  • She had the highest bid.
  • He made a bid of $100 for the painting.
  • He made the opening bid.
  • The company is accepting bids for the renovation project.

First use of Bidder

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