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Bareness Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Bareness, Sentence example of Bareness

অর্থঃ অভাব; নগ্নতা; অনটন;

Synonyms of Bareness

mere, very

Use of Bareness in a Sentence

  • bare feet
  • opened the box with his bare hands
  • laying bare their secrets
  • a bare room
  • bare of all safeguards
  • the bare necessities of life
  • a bare two hours away
  • the bare facts
  • an apartment with bare walls
  • poor half-naked children
  • a nude model posing for art students
  • a bald mountain peak
  • barren plains
  • There was a rug in the front room of the house, but the other floors were bare.
  • Do not let the bare wires touch.
  • He covered her bare arms with his coat.
  • He had a glove on his left hand, but his right hand was bare.
  • The ground was bare where the statue had stood for years.
  • There was only one bare shelf.
  • Her office was pretty bare, having only one desk and one chair.
  • This is the barest room in the house.
  • He only told me the bare facts about what happened.
  • He bared his chest to show the scar.
  • finally bared the secret that she had kept to herself for so long
  • trees bare of leaves
  • opened the box with his bare hands
  • the scandal was laid bare
  • the cupboard was bare
  • a bare majority
  • the bare facts

First use of Bareness

The first known use of bare was before the 12th century

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