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Balk Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Balk, Sentence example of Balk

অর্থঃ কড়িকাঠ; বাধা; প্রতিবন্ধকতা; বাধাবিঘ্ন; দেরী; বিলম্ব; মুলতুবি; পার্বত্যাঁচলের অকর্ষিত অংশ; অধিত্যকা; শৈলশিরা; আড়কাঠ; বর্গা; প্রতিবন্ধক; চৌকানা ত্ত লম্বা তক্তা;

Synonyms of Balk

baffle, beat, checkmate, discomfit, foil, frustrate, thwart

Use of Balk in a Sentence

  • The horse balked at the jump and threw the rider.
  • The pitcher was charged with a balk.
  • frustrated attempts at government reform
  • the army thwarted his attempt at a coup
  • foiled by her parents, he stopped trying to see her
  • baffled by the maze of rules and regulations
  • officials felt that legal restrictions had balked their efforts to control crime
  • The horse balked and would not jump the fence.
  • The runner on third base tried to make the pitcher balk.
  • the constant interruptions proved to be a balk to the flow of conversation
  • the horse balked

First use of Balk

The first known use of balk was before the 12th century

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