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Balance Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Balance, Sentence example of Balance

উচ্চারণঃ [ব্যাল্যান্স্‌]
অর্থঃ দাড়ি পাল্লা ; ভারসাম্য ; জমাখরচের পূর্ণ সমতা

Synonyms of Balance

counterpoise, equilibration, equilibrium, equipoise, poise, stasis

Use of Balance in a Sentence

  • trouble keeping your balance on a sailboat
  • Gymnasts must have a good sense of balance.
  • when the two sides of the scale are in balance
  • achieving balance in a work of art
  • has a comfortable balance in the bank
  • The balance of the evidence lay on the side of the defendant.
  • the balance of a free election
  • The comedic character serves as a balance to the serious subject matter of the play.
  • a watch’s balance
  • our future hangs in the balance as we await his decision
  • the meeting went well on balance
  • balancing a book on her head
  • I struggled to balance my career and family life.
  • balanced the scales by adding a little more on one side
  • balancing a company’s books
  • sent a check to balance her account
  • balance a mathematical equation
  • He served black coffee to help balance out the sweetness of the dessert.
  • The good times balanced the bad times.
  • balance the profit and loss to see what had been gained
  • Try balancing on one foot.
  • His speed will likely balance out his competitor’s greater strength.
  • balances and temporizes on matters that demand action
  • She had trouble keeping her balance as the boat rocked back and forth.
  • The skater suddenly lost his balance and fell.
  • Another skater bumped into him and knocked him off balance.
  • Gymnasts need flexibility and balance.
  • She has a good sense of balance.
  • To provide balance in her news story, she interviewed members of both political parties.
  • Temperature changes could upset the delicate balance of life in the forest.
  • To lose weight you need the proper balance of diet and exercise.
  • The food had a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors.
  • It’s important to keep your life in balance.
  • I find it difficult to balance on one foot.
  • He had trouble balancing on his skis.
  • He helped his daughter balance on her bicycle before she started peddling.
  • The legislature is still trying to balance the state’s budget.
  • He balances his checkbook every month.
  • Something’s wrong: the books don’t balance.
  • a balance of $10 on the credit side
  • balanced her checkbook
  • balance an equation
  • balanced the powers of the three branches of government

First use of Balance

The first known use of balance was in the 13th century

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