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As Bengali meaning, Synonyms of As, Sentence example of As

অর্থঃ মতো/ সদৃশ (কোনো কিছু বা কারো মতো)হিসেবে (কোন কাজের ক্ষেত্রে)মতো;যখন;যেমন;যথা;যেহেতু;হিসাবে; রূপে;যদিও;অনুরূপভাবে; সমভাবে;যে; যাহা;একইরকম (তুলনামূলকভাবে);প্রকৃত ঘটনা;

Synonyms of As

so long as, when, while, whilst [chiefly British]

Use of As in a Sentence

  • as soft as silk
  • various trees, as oak or pine
  • my opinion as distinguished from his
  • soft as silk
  • as cool as a cucumber
  • Do as I do.
  • quite good as boys go
  • spilled the milk as she got up
  • Improbable as it seems, it’s true.
  • stayed home as she had no car
  • so clearly guilty as to leave no doubt
  • bought the clock at an auction as is
  • His retirement was, as it were, the beginning of his real career.
  • in the same building as my brother
  • is a foreigner, as is evident from his accent
  • They all rose as one man.
  • works as an editor
  • He was angry, but she was just as angry.
  • The letter “k” is sometimes silent, as it is in “knee.”
  • She spilled the milk just as she was getting up.
  • I met him as I was leaving.
  • as cold as ice
  • various trees, as oak or pine
  • mad as a hornet
  • do as I say
  • sang as they marched along
  • improbable as it seems, it’s true
  • stayed home, as I had no car
  • so clearly guilty as to leave no doubt
  • bought the clock at an auction as is
  • had the same name as my cousin
  • they are smart, as you know
  • came dressed as a clown
  • working as an editor

First use of As

The first known use of as was in the 12th century

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