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অর্থঃ মোট, সমগ্র

Synonyms of Total

absolute, all-out, arrant, blank, blooming [chiefly British], bodacious [Southern & Midland], categorical (also categoric), clean, complete, consummate, crashing, damn, damned, dead, deadly, definite, downright, dreadful, fair, flat, flat-out, out-and-out, outright, perfect, plumb, profound, pure, rank, regular, sheer, simple, stark, stone, straight-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, unadulterated, unalloyed, unconditional, unmitigated, unqualified, utter, very

Use of Total in a Sentence

  • the total amount
  • a total failure
  • total war
  • totaled the car
  • read the whole book
  • the entire population was wiped out
  • the total number of people present
  • all proceeds go to charity
  • a total lack of support
  • a total eclipse of the sun
  • He demanded total control of the project.
  • What was the total amount of the bill?
  • the total number of words
  • The country has a total population of about 100 million.
  • a total of 25 square miles
  • that’s the total for our wheat harvest this year
  • He carefully totaled the bill.
  • two and two total four
  • total ruin
  • I collected the total amount.
  • a total eclipse of the sun
  • total war
  • Did you total the scores?
  • Donations totaled five hundred dollars.

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