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Causeless English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Causeless English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Causeless, Sentence example of Causeless, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Causeless.


অর্থঃ কারণহীন; অকারণ; স্বয়ম্ভূ; কারণরহিত; অহেতুক; অহৈতুক; নির্নিমিত্ত; অনিদান; অমনি; উটকা; উটকো; ভিত্তিহীন;

Synonyms of Causeless

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Use of Causeless in a Sentence

  • His symptoms had no apparent physical causes.
  • She is the cause of all their problems.
  • The medicine was prescribed without good cause.
  • Their marriage was a cause for celebration.
  • I can support a cause that means something to me.
  • I’m willing to donate money as long as it’s for a good cause.
  • He swerved and caused an accident.
  • The flood caused great hardship.
  • The illness is caused by a virus.
  • The flood caused the town great hardship.
  • You caused us a lot of extra work.
  • entitled to a commission as the procuring cause of the sale even though the listing had expired
  • claimed that the workplace accident was a producing cause of his disability
  • unable to show good cause for failure to pay child support
  • reasonable cause to believe abuse had occurred

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