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Burying English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Burying English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Burying, Sentence example of Burying, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Burying.


অর্থঃ নিবিষ্ট করা; সমাহিত করা; পুঁতা; লুকাইয়া রাখা; মৃত্তিকাগর্ভে স্থাপন করা; কবর দেত্তয়া; স্মৃতি হইতে মুছিয়া ফেলা; মাটি দেত্তয়া; গোর দেত্তয়া;

Synonyms of Burying

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Use of Burying in a Sentence

  • buried himself in his books
  • hide in the closet
  • a house hidden in the woods
  • concealed the weapon
  • a house screened by trees
  • secreted the amulet inside his shirt
  • buried the treasure
  • He was buried with full military honors.
  • Their ancestors are buried in the local cemetery.
  • cultures that bury their dead
  • The dog buried her bone.
  • He buried the money in the backyard.
  • the search for buried treasure
  • He has learned to bury his feelings.
  • She buried her face in her hands.
  • The disclaimer was buried in the fine print.
  • The newspaper covered the story, but it was buried in the back of section C.

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