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Authenticity Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Authenticity, Sentence example of Authenticity

অর্থঃ সত্যতা; প্রামাণ্য; বিশ্বাসযোগ্যতা; অকৃত্রিমতা; প্রামাণিকতা; নির্ভেজালত্ব;

Synonyms of Authenticity

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Use of Authenticity in a Sentence

  • an authentic account of the perilous journey
  • an authentic reproduction
  • authentic Vietnamese cuisine
  • genuine piety
  • genuine maple syrup
  • a genuine Mark Twain autograph
  • a bona fide offer for the stock
  • We saw authentic examples of ancient Roman sculpture.
  • Experts have confirmed that the signature on the letter is authentic.
  • The witness provided an authentic record of what actually took place.
  • She prepared a very authentic Mexican meal.
  • The building is an authentic reproduction of a colonial farmhouse.

First use of Authenticity

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