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Attend Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Attend, Sentence example of Attend

অর্থঃ উপস্থিত থাকা

Synonyms of Attend

accompany, chaperone (or chaperon), companion, company, convoy, escort, see, squire

Use of Attend in a Sentence

  • attend a meeting
  • attend the warning signs
  • ministers who attend the king
  • a doctor attending his patients
  • I’ll attend to [=deal with] that myself.
  • attend to your work
  • attend to his advice
  • ministers who attend upon the king
  • How many people attended?
  • My husband and I will both attend the banquet.
  • How many people attended the baseball game?
  • He won’t be attending the conference.
  • How many people will be attending?
  • She attends a school in the city.
  • He’ll be attending the university in the fall.
  • I am the first child in my family to attend college.
  • We attend the same church.
  • Each nurse attends 15 patients.
  • A midwife attended the birth.
  • attend my words
  • attend to business
  • attend the sick
  • a cold attended by fever
  • attend a party
  • a doorman attending the entrance

First use of Attend

The first known use of attend was in the 14th century

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