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Arms Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Arms, Sentence example of Arms

অর্থঃ অস্ত্র; শস্ত্র; হাতিয়ার; আয়ুধ;

Synonyms of Arms

agency, branch, bureau, department, desk, division, office, service

Use of Arms in a Sentence

  • the long arm of the law
  • the logistical arm of the air force
  • arming citizens with the right to vote
  • arm a bomb
  • arm for combat
  • a call to arms
  • They armed the men for battle.
  • The group of fighters was armed by a foreign government.
  • The two countries have been arming themselves for years, but now they have agreed to disarm.
  • We armed ourselves with the tools we would need to survive in the forest.
  • They arm people with accurate information.
  • arming women with the right to vote
  • Once the bomb has been armed, we have five minutes to escape.
  • an arm of the sea
  • the long arm of the law
  • walked down the street arm in arm
  • arm a regiment
  • armed herself with facts
  • arm a bomb
  • a call to arms

First use of Arms

The first known use of arm was before the 12th century

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