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Appearance Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Appearance, Sentence example of Appearance

অর্থঃ উপস্থিতি

Synonyms of Appearance

aspect, dress, figure, garb, look, mien, outside, presence, regard [archaic]

Use of Appearance in a Sentence

  • Although hostile, he preserved an appearance of neutrality.
  • had a fierce appearance
  • trying to keep up appearances
  • The blue of distant hills is only an appearance.
  • the first appearance of that word in English
  • her first public appearance since winning the award
  • The general appearance of the house is quite good.
  • The museum restored the painting to its original appearance.
  • lotions that improve your skin’s appearance and texture
  • You shouldn’t judge a man by his appearance.
  • Have you noticed any changes in her appearance?
  • He appears to be happy, but appearances can be deceptive.
  • Their expensive home created a false appearance of success and happiness.
  • the room has a cool appearance
  • the sudden appearance of a rash on the body
  • a tumor with a spongy appearance
  • a lawyer should avoid the appearance of impropriety

First use of Appearance

The first known use of appearance was in the 14th century

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