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Amounts Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Amounts, Sentence example of Amounts

অর্থঃ পরিমাণ; অর্থ; মাত্রা; সংখ্যা; পরিমাপ; মাত্র; সমষ্টি; ফল; কায়; পরিণাম; সাকল্য; ফলাফল; যোগফল; মোট সংখ্যা; মোট; মোট পরিমাণ; মোট মূল্য;

Synonyms of Amounts

add up (to), aggregate, come (to), count (up to), number, sum (to or into), total

Use of Amounts in a Sentence

  • acts that amount to treason
  • wanted her son to amount to something [=to be successful]
  • The bill amounts to $10.
  • trying to figure the amount of time it will take
  • has an enormous amount of energy
  • a large number of mistakes
  • any number of times
  • annual amount of rainfall
  • a substantial amount of money
  • The drug is not being produced in adequate amounts.
  • What is the amount to be paid?
  • An amount was finally agreed upon.
  • The new law limits the amount a candidate can spend.
  • When he died we found he owed money to the amount of $250,000!
  • The bill amounted to ten dollars.
  • Giving up would amount to failure.

First use of Amounts

The first known use of amount was in the 14th century

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