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অর্থঃ ঘণ্টাধ্বনি;

Synonyms of Alarum

apprehension, apprehensiveness, dread, foreboding, misgiving

Use of Alarum in a Sentence

  • set the alarm to wake me at seven
  • fear of the unknown
  • faced the meeting with dread
  • fright at being awakened suddenly
  • view the situation with alarm
  • the news caused widespread panic
  • immobilized with terror
  • raised the subject with trepidation
  • The alarm went off when he opened the door.
  • The whole town heard the alarm.
  • She set the alarm for six o’clock.
  • The alarm went off at six o’clock.
  • The rumors caused widespread alarm and concern.
  • His parents have expressed alarm about his safety.
  • The new developments are being viewed with alarm.
  • She looked around in alarm when she heard the noise.
  • The dog’s barking gave the alarm and the intruders were caught.
  • A passerby saw the intruders and raised the alarm.
  • I didn’t mean to alarm you.
  • The rapid spread of the disease has alarmed many people.
  • The dog’s barking gave the alarm.
  • a car alarm
  • Set the alarm for six o’clock.
  • She was filled with alarm on hearing the crash downstairs.

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