CrowdStrike falcon antivirus : Changes the game for SMB Cybersecurity

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CrowdStrike has taken a significant leap forward with its latest offering, Falcon Go, specifically tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This move could be a game-changer in the world of cybersecurity, particularly for smaller organizations that often grapple with the challenges of ransomware and data breaches.

SMBs, which range from businesses with just a handful of employees to those with several hundred, have been battling cyber threats without adequate tools. Falcon Go changes this scenario by offering a solution that SMBs can not only afford but also use effectively without needing specialized IT staff.

Let’s look more closely at Falcon Go and what it means for SMBs.

Understanding the Landscape

Threat actors are not very discriminating and SMBs increasingly find themselves targets of cyberattacks. The consequences of such attacks can be devastating, ranging from operational disruption to severe financial losses.

I spoke with Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer at CrowdStrike, about Falcon Go. He explained, “The customer profile I am talking about is like a school district in rural America where the superintendent mows the lawn and also does IT. I’m talking about the small donut shop that has six computers because they do a little bit of online delivering. I’m talking about companies of all sizes – not just the Fortune 500 – who need to spend time running and growing their business, not managing cybersecurity.”

Traditionally, these businesses have relied on antivirus tools that no longer suffice against modern, sophisticated attacks. They lack the budget or resources for enterprise-grade solutions, so they rely on the security controls built into their operating system platform or turn to consumer-grade cybersecurity tools. This is where CrowdStrike steps in with Falcon Go.

The Innovation of Falcon Go

Falcon Go is not just another antivirus solution; it represents a paradigm shift in cybersecurity for SMBs. Powered by CrowdStrike’s AI-native Falcon platform, it offers a level of protection previously unavailable to smaller businesses. This platform has scored impressively in SE Labs testing, boasting a 100% prevention rate against ransomware.

● Immediate Deployment: With a user-friendly setup wizard, Falcon Go enables rapid deployment across all devices.

● Threat Monitoring and Resolution: It provides a unified view of device protection status, threat activity, and cyberattack resolutions.

● Enhanced Device Control: SMBs gain control over USB media. Falcon Go simplifies the ability to block the use of removable USB media, or selectively enable it for those who need it, thereby reducing the risk of data theft.

● Streamlined Management: The platform offers a comprehensive console for managing devices, deploying endpoint agents, and authorizing users.

The User Experience

Falcon Go’s standout feature is its user-friendly interface, designed specifically for non-technical users. Bernard emphasized that the product is meant to replace legacy antivirus solutions with a next-gen alternative. The ease of deployment, one-click policy setup, and a prosumer-style console are central to its design, making it accessible to those with no IT background.

This approach means that Falcon Go offers the same level of protection as the tools used by the world’s leading security operations centers (SOCs) but with a user interface designed for non-IT professionals. This democratization of advanced cybersecurity tools is crucial in an era where SMBs face the same level of threats as larger organizations but lack the resources to combat them effectively.

This short video from CrowdStrike showcases how simple and intuitive Falcon Go is to work with:

“With Falcon, we have the confidence of CrowdStrike’s industry leading protection so we can focus on running our business,” said Don Thorstenson, IT Manager at BPG Designs. “Deploying and managing cybersecurity has never been this easy.”

The CrowdStrike Philosophy

CrowdStrike’s approach with Falcon Go is part of a broader strategy to revolutionize cybersecurity. I have known George Kurtz, co-founder and CEO of CrowdStrike, since around 2003, and I have followed his career from Foundstone, to McAfee, and the founding of CrowdStrike. His focus and mission to deliver security solutions that are both more effective and more intuitive have been consistent over the past 20 years.

By moving away from reactive signature-based antivirus solutions, which are heavy on resources and require extensive management, CrowdStrike aims to simplify and enhance cybersecurity for SMBs. This shift is akin to moving from candles to light bulbs, marking a transition from analog to digital in the realm of cybersecurity.

The Bigger Picture

The introduction of Falcon Go is not just about a new product; it’s about a shift in the cybersecurity landscape. SMBs, often overlooked in the cybersecurity realm, are now equipped to handle the same threats that plague larger corporations. This development is crucial, given that the health of SMBs is often a barometer for the broader economy.

Market Impact

Falcon Go’s entry into the market addresses a significant gap. The solution democratizes access to advanced cybersecurity, bringing enterprise-grade protection to the SMB sector.

This is a win-win-win for SMBs, as well as CrowdStrike’s enterprise customers and CrowdStrike itself. SMB’s get superior, enterprise-grade protection in a simple, intuitive platform. CrowdStrike’s enterprise customers benefit from a more secure supply chain ecosystem—because many SMBs are the partners, suppliers, and contractors that enterprise organizations work with every day. It also works for CrowdStrike because, while the per-customer revenue is much lower than an enterprise customer, the sheer volume of SMBs relative to large enterprises makes this a huge potential market.

Empowering SMBs

CrowdStrike’s Falcon Go represents a significant stride in leveling the playing field in cybersecurity. By providing SMBs with tools that are easy to deploy, manage, and understand, CrowdStrike is not just selling a product; it’s empowering these businesses to defend themselves against the growing menace of cyber threats. This development could mark a turning point in how smaller organizations approach and manage their cybersecurity needs.

“Small and medium sized businesses today need to think about compliance and security from day one,” said Josh Jones, head of corporate development at Vanta. “As the leader in trust management providing automated security and compliance for organizations of all sizes, our team shares CrowdStrike’s vision and passion for empowering SMBs to protect themselves from the complex cyberthreats of today and tomorrow.”

Falcon Go is a beacon of hope for SMBs navigating the treacherous waters of cyber threats. With CrowdStrike’s innovative approach, these businesses now have a fighting chance against the cyber challenges that loom large in today’s digital world.

CrowdStrike Falcon Go is available now, starting at $299.95 per year for 5 devices. You can also try Falcon Go for free for 15 days.


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