Essay: Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq

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Essay Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq
Essay Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq

Essay about Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq

Dear Student, today we will learn about “Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq”. This essay has been written in a simple way. So that everyone can understand without difficulty.


Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq was one of the greatest leaders in the history of Bangladesh. His contribution to this nation was immense. He was as brave as a tiger. That is why he was called Sher-e-Bangla (The tiger of Bengal).


Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq was born in the village of Saturia in Barishal District in 1872. His father’s name was Moulavi Wazed Ali who was a famous lawyer in Barisal.


A. K. Fazlul Hoque was a bright student. He was famous for his prodigious feat of memory. He passed the Entrance Examination in 1889 with credit and was considered eligible for a scholarship. He took his B. A. degree from Calcutta Presidency College with triple honours. He then passed the Master of Arts (M. A.) Examination in Mathematics and was placed in the first class. After that, he earned his B. L. degree.

Professional Career/ Public Service

He was the first Muslim Mayor of Calcutta City Corporation. He was elected Mayor in 1936. He was also the Chief Minister of the undivided Bengal from 1936 to 1944. He passed the Bengal Tenancy Act for saving the poor peasants from the oppression of the landlords. He was the Advocate General and Governor of then East Pakistan for some time. He took many steps for the improvement of education of the Muslims of Bengal.


This great soul died on the 21st of April 1962. At that time his age was 89.


Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq was a true leader. His contribution to this nation will always remain in the history of the Bengali nation in golden letters. His conduct, character, philosophy, dedication and attitude have made him a legend. We need more glorious people like him to be a proud nation.

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