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A doctor saves life – this is what we’ve been taught in our childhood. Some of us might have thought, or may like to become a doctor in the future.Many parents think this profession is about honor and pride. It’s considered one of the highest paying and white collar jobs. However, we must realize that the profession involves sincerity besides many responsibilities to the general community. Would you like to know what should ideally be a doctor’s role?
First and foremost, a doctor should have all essential skills to be able to take good care of their patients. This will need lots of studies and respect for the profession. A doctor must be competent and confident about his/her personal abilities. He/she should be knowledgeable enough to handle an emergency situation. For a doctor, a patient’s safety should be of highest priority.
These days doctors are often found to disrespect their ethical responsibilities. A doctor should try to increase his skill and knowledge so that the best possible treatment advice can be offered to the patients. Although this profession has an excellent opportunity to earn a windfall, the same can become the reason of many unfortunate incidences. A doctor should never try to take advantage of a patient’s problem for own benefits, for example.
A doctor-patient relation should be frank and respectful. A patient should be able to trust and be comfortable with his/her health supervisor so that sharing even very personal details becomes easier. A doctor should have a complete sense of care toward the community. He/she should never hesitate to offer medical care in the most difficult situation. For a doctor, personal life can become too strenuous at times because they always have to prioritize patient’s health problems and security over their family affairs.
So yes, as it sounds, this profession is not easy. A doctor should also comfortably work with a team. This is why a student who wishes to become a doctor in the future must be free from disrespectful stuff like racism, discrimination, greed. Doctors profession is a very noble profession. Being a doctor, one might have to work with people coming from different background. This is why a doctor should stay away from activities like bullying or harassing the co-workers. It’s desirable for the maximum safety of the patients. 


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