Nigeria a country where you can buy a wife for money

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Unknown information about Nigeria

Many Nigerian homeowners suspect that a single girl is a sex worker. As a result, it is difficult for girls to rent a house alone. Even after being financially well off, it is almost difficult to rent a house for unmarried girls in a middle class or affluent area. There is a custom in some African Muslim communities that if a girl gets married, she will not be able to meet her family formally for the second time. 
In today’s episode, we know all the unknown information about Nigeria. 
First of all let me say Nigeria is a country where you can buy a wife for money. Due to extreme poverty in the country, buying and selling wives for money without thinking about religion is very common. However, it is illegal under the law of the land. The official name of Nigeria is the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The country is bounded on the west by Benin, on the east by Chad and Cameroon, on the north by Niger, and on the south by the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria consists of 36 states and one capital city. 
Nigeria is the largest oil producing country in Africa. The country also has a reputation for film and music. However, the country is known to many for corruption. Nigeria has a long tradition and history. The languages, lifestyles, traditions and cultures of different regions and tribes have their own uniqueness. Nigeria was once a British colony. The country gained independence in 1960. However, from 1967 to 1980, the country was engulfed in civil war. With an area of ​​9,23,7 68 square kilometers, this country is home to about 200 million people. It is a very populous country in Africa. About 500 nations live here. 
Nigeria is considered the giant of Africa in terms of population and economy. Although English is the official language of Nigeria, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Fula are the four semi-official languages. In addition, the country has more than 400 indigenous languages. 
In Nigeria, about 47 percent of the population is Muslim, 35 percent is Christian, and 18 percent are from different communities. According to one, 68 percent of people in Nigeria are educated. 
Trafficking in foreign girls to prostitution in Europe is not new. Nowadays, however, young Nigerians are seen in several German cities. They are being trafficked to Germany for prostitution. Which is a shame for the country as a majority Muslim country. Nigeria’s current standard of living is comparable to that of the 1900s. 
The average life expectancy in the country is 52 years. This is due to inadequate health care, lack of clean water and poor living conditions. 
Abuja is the capital city of the country. The city was planned in the 1980s as an alternative capital to the coastal city of Lagos. On 12 December 1991, Abuja was replaced by Lagos as the capital. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria. Lagos is a port city and most populous city in Nigeria. 
Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa, with much of its economy dependent on oil production and exports. Nigeria is currently the 12th largest oil producer in the world. Moreover, most of the people of the country are dependent on agriculture. Nigeria is called the Giant of Africa because of its economic development compared to other African countries. Nigeria’s forests are home to some of the world’s largest species of butterflies. The people of the country love to watch movies. That is why the country ranks second position in the world in filmmaking. The Nigerian film industry is called Nollywood. It is known as the largest film industry in Africa. 
The country is home to the Niger River, which stretches for about 2,700 miles. It is the largest river in West Africa. The country is named Nigeria after the Niger River. The Third Mainland Bridge is the largest bridge in the entire African continent. The Niger Delta, located in Nigeria, is the third largest delta in the world. For the tenth year in a row, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria is the continent’s richest person. His assets are worth $ 12.1 billion. Among African countries, the game of football is more popular in Nigeria. The eagle is the national animal of Nigeria. The official currency of Nigeria is Nigerian naira. Nigeria Dealing Code +234.

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