Load-shedding | Paragraph

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Write a paragraph on “Load-shedding“. Your writing should address the following questions

(a) What is load-shedding?

(b) What are the causes of load shedding?

(c) What problems do load shedding cause?

(d) What is its impact on our economy?

(e) What steps can our government take in this regard?


Load-shedding means the shortage of the supply of electricity for the time being. It happens when the production of power is less than the demand. The concerned authority stops the flow of electricity to some areas for some time to manage the shortage of power generation. Load-shedding is almost a daily occurrence in cities, towns, suburbs and villages. Shops, factories, hospitals, etc. are all affected by it. Industries and mills are paralyzed and production is hampered for this. Even operations are stopped in hospitals for load shedding. Students close their books and sit idle in darkness. But, it should not be allowed to continue anymore. The whole country is bound to collapse if the present condition continues. The government is to take necessary steps to check it as early as possible. Accordingly, the government should set up more power stations in the country. Corruptions in this sector must be uprooted with an iron hand.


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