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অর্থঃ মন্দ, দুষ্ট, অসৎ
SYNONYM: atrocious (similar term)|flagitious (similar term)|grievous (similar term)|heinous (similar term)|monstrous (similar term)|bad (similar term)|immoral (similar term)|black (similar term)|dark (similar term)|sinister (similar term)|corruptive (similar term)|perversive (similar term)|pestiferous (similar term)|demonic (similar term)|diabolic (similar term)|diabolical (similar term)|fiendish (similar term)|hellish (similar term)|infernal (similar term)|satanic (similar term)|unholy (similar term)|despicable (similar term)|ugly (similar term)|vile (similar term)|slimy (similar term)|unworthy (similar term)|worthless (similar term)|wretched (similar term)|devilish (similar term)|diabolic (similar term)|diabolical (similar term)|mephistophelian (similar term)|mephistophelean (similar term)|evil-minded (similar term)|bad (related term)|immoral (related term)|offensive (related term)|unrighteous (related term)|wicked (related term)|wrong (related term)|good (antonym)

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