Ethnic People of Bangladesh

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Ethnic People of Bangladesh

The ethnic people of Bangladesh occupy a large part of the culture of the country. Most ethnic people live in the Hills Tracts of Chattogram. Apart from Chattogram, they live in Mymensingh, Rajshahi, and Sylhet areas. They live in forest areas and in the hills in urban areas. Most ethnic people make a living by cultivating Jhum. For Jhum cultivation, they first clear the land and sow seeds in it. Most of the ethnic people depend on agriculture. People of different religions live here. Most of them are Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. They have their own language to speak. Some of them are the Chakmas, the Marmans, the Tipperas, and the Moorangs who live in the Hill Tracts. Ethnic people have some characteristics of their own. They have their own lifestyle. Their houses are made of bamboo or wood. Which is called Machang. Rice is their main food. In addition to rice, they eat vegetables, fish and meat. Men wear lungi and women wear thamis. Women weave their own clothes. Animal hunting and fishing are their favorite pastimes. They like music very much. In addition to songs, they love to dance, theatre, and fairs. They have traditional musical instruments like bamboo flute, drums. Wrestling is their favorite sport. Ethnic people cover a large part of the heritage and culture of Bangladesh. We are proud of our culture.


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