Composition on “Birds of Bangladesh”

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Composition on "Birds of Bangladesh"
Birds of Bangladesh Composition – Essay


Bangladesh is a country full of trees and forests. These trees and forests are the abodes of thousands of birds. These birds give us much joy and make our country beautiful.

Different Types of Birds

There are different types of birds we find in this country. These birds have been described in the following categories.

Some Familiar Birds

The crow is one of the most familiar birds. We find it everywhere in the country. Though we dislike it for its black colour and harsh voice, it is very useful to us. It cleans our environment by eating up dead animals and dirty things. The sparrow and pigeons are also very familiar birds. They build houses in the nooks and crannies of our houses.

Song Birds

There are many song birds in Bangladesh. Among them the cuckoos, the nightingale, the robin, the bulbuli, bau katha kau, the mayna and the shayama are famous.

Tailor Birds

There are some birds that can build their nests skillfully. They are called tailor birds. The swallow, the babui, the tuntuni and the bulbuli are tailor birds.

The Game Birds

The heron, the stork, the water hen, the quail and pankauri are well-known game birds. They are hunted for their flesh.

Birds of Pray

The kite, the hawk and the vulture are birds of prey (শিকারি পাখি). They have keen eyesight and sharp paws. They live on flesh and fish.

Domestic Birds

There are also some domestic birds in Bangladesh. They include the hen, the duck and the pigeon. Domestic birds give us eggs and meat.

Migratory Birds

Bangladesh also provides shelter to a great number of migratory birds. Most of them come from Siberia in winter and take shelter in our lakes and forests.


Birds are charming to look at. They are very important for maintaining ecological balance. They eat up insects and help our agriculture. They also help in the pollination of different species of trees. So we should protect our wealth of birds.


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