Class Six English 2nd week Assignment Solution

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 Class: Six | Second Week | English
Assignment Title: A conversation with a doctor about sickness.

Class Six English 2nd week Assignment Solution
Class Six English 2nd week Assignment 2022

Me: Good Morning Doctor.
Doctor: How are you?

Me: I’m fine. But my little sister is not feeling good.

Doctor: Why?

Me: She has been suffering from fever, cough, headache and body pain for two days.
Doctor: Don’t worry! Let me check her.

Me: Yah. Sure.
Doctor: Hmm.. her body temperature is much higher. I’m suggesting some medicine and remedies.

Me: Which remedies?
Doctor: First of all manage a separate room for her. Wear a mask and maintain distance during talking. Give emphasis to a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. Keep green vegetables in every male. Use sanitizer and frequently wash hands before eating.

Me: Does she need to test Corona?
Doctor: Not right now. If the fever does not subside in a few days, then Corona test should be done.

Me: Ok doctor. Please pray for my sister.
Doctor: Sure. Don’t worry. Take care of your sister. Hope she will recover soon.

Me: Nice to see you
Doctor: Bye.


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