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Catches English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Catches English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Catches, Sentence example of Catches, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Catches.


অর্থঃ আঁকড়ি; ধারণ; গ্রেপ্তার; খিল; শ্বাসরোধ ভাব; প্রতারণামূলক প্রশ্ন;

Synonyms of Catches

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Use of Catches in a Sentence

  • was caught in a storm
  • wouldn’t be caught dead in that shirt
  • caught the dog as it ran by
  • capture an enemy stronghold
  • trap animals
  • snared butterflies with a net
  • entrapped the witness with a trick question
  • a sting operation that ensnared burglars
  • bagged a brace of pheasants
  • Catch the ball and throw it to first base.
  • She caught the ball with one hand.
  • I dropped the book but managed to catch it before it hit the ground.
  • I’ll throw you the keys. Ready? Catch!
  • He caught hold of her wrist.
  • The police are working hard to catch the criminals and put them in jail.
  • “I bet you can’t catch me!” she yelled to her brother.
  • I once caught 10 fish in a single day.
  • In the summer, we would catch fireflies and put them in jars.
  • I caught her just as she was leaving for work.
  • The shortstop made a tough catch.
  • She used to play catch with her dad.
  • Let’s play a game of catch.
  • a catch of about 20 fish

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