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Brave /adj/
উচ্চারণঃ [ব্রেভ্]
অর্থঃ  সাহসী ; দুঃসাহসী ; নির্ভীক
SYNONYM courageous|desperate (similar term)|heroic (similar term)|gallant (similar term)|game (similar term)|gamy (similar term)|gamey (similar term)|gritty (similar term)|mettlesome (similar term)|spirited (similar term)|spunky (similar term)|lionhearted (similar term)|stalwart (similar term)|stouthearted (similar term)|undaunted (similar term)|valiant (similar term)|valorous (similar term)|adventurous (related term)|adventuresome (related term)|bold (related term)|resolute (related term)|unafraid (related term)|fearless (related term)|cowardly (antonym)

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