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Bear English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Bear English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Bear, Sentence example of Bear, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ ভাল্লুক

Synonyms of Bear

beast, chore, headache, job, killer, labor

Use of Bear in a Sentence

  • a tall, friendly bear of a man
  • the oven is a bear to clean
  • couldn’t bear the pain
  • it bears watching
  • bears a likeness to her grandmother
  • bore the name of John
  • bear malice
  • bearing himself well
  • bear false witness
  • oil-bearing shale
  • facts bearing on the question
  • forced to bear a tragic loss
  • suffering many insults
  • endured years of rejection
  • cannot abide their rudeness
  • refused to tolerate such treatment
  • unable to stand teasing
  • a mother bear and her cubs
  • The bears outnumbered the bulls on Wall Street today.
  • a symphony that can bear comparison with Beethoven’s best
  • The company agreed to bear the costs.
  • The criminals must bear full responsibility for the deaths of these innocent people.
  • Who will bear the blame for this tragedy?
  • a real bear in the morning
  • the right to bear arms
  • bear a grudge
  • bore himself like a gentleman
  • bear false witness
  • bears marks of suffering
  • bear children
  • bear fruit
  • I can’t bear the suspense
  • bore the costs
  • bears down on her pencil
  • bear right at the fork in the road
  • facts bearing on the question
  • bring pressure to bear
  • the stock will bear a dividend
  • whatever price the market will bear
  • you bear legal responsibility for him
  • will admit evidence bearing on her defense

First use of Bear

The first known use of bear was before the 12th century

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