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Bargaining English to Bangla meaning


অর্থঃ কারবারী; দরকষাকষি-সংক্রান্ত;

Synonyms of Bargaining

buy, deal, pennyworth, snip [British], steal

Use of Bargaining in a Sentence

  • They struck a bargain to sell only to each other.
  • At that price the car is a bargain.
  • a bad bargain
  • tastes good and is good for you, into the bargain
  • The seller might be willing to bargain over the price.
  • bargain a price down
  • bargained away wage increases for other benefits
  • more work than I bargained for
  • I think everyone involved was satisfied with the bargain we made.
  • They’ve agreed to turn the land over to the state, and the state, as its part of the bargain, has agreed to keep it undeveloped.
  • She likes to hunt for bargains when she shops.
  • The price listed is quite high, but the seller might be willing to bargain.
  • they bargained with the car salesman for half an hour before settling on a price
  • more trouble than we bargained for
  • a bargain purchase
  • the employer must bargain with the union
  • plaintiff bargained with the store for a lower price
  • does hereby grant, bargain, sell, alien and confirm to the party of the second part, the following described property

First use of Bargaining

The first known use of bargain was in the 14th century

Nearby Words

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